Investigation - Trauma X-ray

From CambridgeNotes

  • Ask for another view; X-ray of joint above and below
  • Patient name, date taken, where taken, views (AP, lateral, oblique), region (wrist, ankle etc.); note casts

“These are AP and lateral radiographs of the right forearm and wrist of Mr. B taken on 7th of May in A&E”


  • Where on which bone: shaft or epiphysis
  • Type: transverse, oblique, spiral, greenstick, comminuted
  • Involvement of joint: intra or extra-articular
  • Fragment displacement: impacted, angulation, rotation (direction and measurement e.g. %, degrees)
  • Joint subluxation or dislocation: partial or complete loss of congruity between articulating surfaces of a joint

“There is a transverse, extra-articular fracture of the distal shaft of the radius, the distal fragment is impacted with dorsal and radial angulation of 10o. There is also an undisplaced fracture of the ulnar styloid. This is consistent with a Colles’ fracture”

Fractured neck of femurs

  • Intracapsular or extracapsular? – intertrochanteric line
  • Intracapsular: displaced or undisplaced?
  • Extracapsular: intertrochanteric or trochanteric (shaft fracture)
  • Shenton’s line, and bone trabeculae

Osteoarthritis: (JOSC)

  • Joint space narrowing
  • Osteophytes
  • Subchondral Sclereosis
  • Subchondral Cysts