Physical examination

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Background information: Cardiovascular · Gastrointestinal · Respiratory
Cardiology: Cardiovascular
Clinical pathology:
Dermatology: Lumps, bumps and ulcers · Rashes
Electrolytes and acid-base:
ENT: Ears · Nose · Throat
Endocrinology: Diabetes · Thyroid
Ethics and law:
Gastroenterology: Gastrointestinal
General surgery: Breast · Gastrointestinal · Hernia · Lumps, bumps and ulcers · Thyroid
Gynaecology: Breast
Nephrology: Gastrointestinal
Neurology: Abbreviated mental test score (AMSE) · Cranial nerves · Glasgow coma scale (GCS) · Lower limbs and gait · Upper limbs
Neurosurgery: Abbreviated mental test score (AMSE) · Back · Cranial nerves · Glasgow coma score (GCS) · Lower limbs and gait · Upper limbs
Obstetrics: Antenatal
Ophthalmology: Eyes
Orthopaedics: Ankles and feet · Back · GALS · Hands · Hip · Knees · Shoulder
Paediatrics: Developmental assessment · Newborn screening
Palliative care:
Plastic surgery: Lumps, bumps and ulcers
Public health:
Psychiatry: Abbreviated mental test score (AMSE) · Mental state exam (MSE)
Respiratory: Respiratory
Rheumatology: Ankles and feet · Back · GALS · Hands · Hip · Knees · Shoulder
Urology: Gastrointestinal · Scrotal
Vascular surgery: Diabetes · Leg veins · Peripheral arteries